Food & Wine Vacation

Discover the genuine Tuscany with a Chianti wine tasting

Ripostena Country House is the ideal starting point for a voyage in discovery of the splendid vineyards of the Chianti Classico district, stopping by the local wineries to sample one of Tuscany’s best wines. Ripostena Country House is strategically located for driving to Tuscany’s best-known wine-producing districts. Visit the famous Brunello wineries, stopping for lunch at one of the many excellent restaurants in Montalcino, or continue a little further east to sample mellow, fruity Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

Spend a beautiful day out exploring the wine routes, admiring their unique landscapes and stopping by a winery for a good glass of Chianti and a luncheon among the vines.

A number of wineries offer dedicated wine-lovers the opportunity to tour their vineyards and cellars to learn more about how their wines are made. And though the area is known for its great reds, there are plenty of wine wines to sample, too! The best-known white is Vernaccia di San Gimignano, from the vineyards around the town of the same name, best enjoyed with fresh cheeses and other local dishes. The Chianti Classico area produces not only the famous wine but an outstanding extra virgin olive oil, which has been made here since the 14th century and is now recognised by the European Community under a “DOP” or protected denomination of origin label. The olive oil made in the province of Siena, top quality and intensely flavoured, is perfect for enjoying simply drizzled over bread or any kind of food. A number of olive oil producers welcome visitors for a tasting session, or to learn more about the fascinating world of oil and ancient olive pressing techniques. You may enjoy a convenient customised wine or olive oil tasting right in your own apartment, or on one of the terraces at Ripostena Country House; or arrange a customised tour with our trusty guide, whose van will take you on a voyage of discovery of the area’s best producers. And there’s plenty of choice of local specialties to go with the wines! Beginning with artisanal cured meats and cheeses, the area offers a whole world of local specialties, prepared with great dedication and passion. Sample the best cured meats and purchase them directly from the producers, or in little family-run delicatessens who carefully select the best local products.

We can recommend our favourite cheese-makers, who offer samples and tours demonstrating how they make and age their cheeses. Or you can spend a different sort of day out hunting for truffles, guided by an expert truffle hunter. If you’d like to spend a day in the kitchen discovering the secrets of traditional Tuscan cooking, we’d be happy to arrange for a customised cooking class, to be held right in your apartment or at a nearby farm holiday establishment. We’re also happy to recommend the area’s best restaurants and local gastronomic festivals.